Liv village – Don’t limit God!

Last week I attended the first ever Worship Central conference in South Africa. It was an amazing experience with worship being led by Tim Hughes  (known for his songs Happy Day, Here I am to worship etc.) and sessions being led by well-known and inspiring worship leaders and songwriters like Loyiso Bala.


However, thinking back it’s not one of the worship sessions that sticks with me, but rather the testimony Tich Smith shared about Liv village. This is a village in Cottonlands, KZN, that currently houses 600 orphans in 96 houses. God gave Tich the vision for the village 12 years ago. After many trials and amazing miracles and even involvement by government, Liv village now brings hope to all these kids who went without food, love and security for so long. There is a school on the property, a church and various projects are run that empower and give work to people from the surrounding rural areas.


My heart just broke for all these kids who have a chance again through God’s grace to have a future and know His love. There are many ways to get involved and support Liv village – go and look on their website for more info. You can sponsor a child or get involved as a business.


Perhaps the most amazing thing to me is that this is not the end of the Liv village story. God is still working and there are many more children’s lives to be touched by villages like this one. Here is a quote from their website: “The future plan is to see many villages across our nation, raising future leaders, and turning scars into stars by providing a fresh start in a supportive community.”


Let’s imagine with God a country healed, a country with hope for our children…


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