Reaction to “Imagine”

I stand so humbled before God who is clearly busy working on a much bigger scale in our country than just your or my life. And still He has such grace to involve us in His plans. The reaction I’ve received to “Imagine” blows me away and confirms this in such a big way.

After posting the song, more than one friend/ acquaintance has confirmed that they feel a heavy burden to pray for our country. We’ve started a prayer group at my kids’ pre-primary school and every time we meet I feel like God is confirming anew His heart for our area and South Africa as a whole.

An acquaintance of mine from my University congregation sent me an e-mail to say that God has been showing her to pray for spiritual rain for our land. He has given her a verse, Hosea 6:3, that just confirms this more:


The week my single came out, the “Pinkster week” theme of a NG church in Lynwood, Pretoria was “Imagine”. The theme was all about imagining how God can use one small thing we do for big things in His Kingdom and our country.

After a recent youth gathering in Pretoria at the Union buildings, one of the pastors who Continue reading